Cuvee prestige rose - Ca del bosco

Cuvee prestige rose - Ca del bosco

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Cuvée Prestige Rosé

Grapes: Pinot Noir 75%, Chardonnay 25%

MEETING: Appetizers, fish tartare with eggs and salty pies and 
seafood at steam

Transition. More than a color, pink is like a suspended mood, 
a delicate transition from white to red in shades never quite 
one or the other. Franciacorta Rosé gives a magical sensation 
midpoint between two hues. The rosé color is obtained after 
brief maceration of red Pinot Nero grapes. Just a few hours 
are needed to get that special tint recalling springtime sunsets: 
you must seize the moment, an instant earlier it's too pale, an 
instant later it's too dark. And then a delicate blending with 
Chardonnay and slow, patient maturation. Cuvée Prestige 
Rosé, the ideal Franciacorta for momentous occasions. 
Especially the most romantic.


Franciacorta Rosé.

Grape varieties
Pinot Nero 80%, Chardonnay 20%.

Vineyards of provenance
Three Chardonnay vineyards planted an average of 29 years ago located in the municipalities of Erbusco, Cazzago San Martino, Iseo and Passirano. Seventeen Pinot Nero vineyards planted an average of 22 years ago located in the municipalities of Erbusco, Adro and Passirano.

Harvest period
First ten days of August.

Average yield per hectare
7,200 kilograms of grapes, equivalent to 4,250 litres of wine (must-to-fruit ratio 59%).

Cuvée Prestige Rosé is obtained from the separate fermentation of Pinot Nero and Chardonnay grapes. The Pinot Nero grapes are transported over the vat where the berries are separated from the stems and fall in by force of gravity. Maceration with brief skin contact lasts 24-36 hours, just enough to obtain the special delicate pink hue that makes Francicorta Rosé such a distinctive wine in the bottle. Later, the must is separated from the skins to be fermented in small oak casks and steel tanks at controlled temperatures. The Chardonnay grapes are vinified in the traditional manner, with whole-bunch pressing. The best fractions of the must ferment separately in vats. After eight months of maturation, the magic ritual of blending the cuvée from the Pinot Nero and Chardonnay base wines is carried out. The cuvée is then bottled and aged for an average of 30 months on the lees in underground cellars at a constant temperature of 12 °C. Disgorgement takes place in the absence of oxygen using a unique system designed and patented by Ca’ del Bosco. The procedure avoids oxidative stress or the need for additional sulphites, making Ca’ del Bosco Franciacortas purer, more appealing and longer lived. Finally, every bottle is given an individual marking to ensure its traceability.

April of the year after the harvest.

Maturation sur lies
For an average of 30 months.

Dosage at disgorgement
Equivalent to 3.5 grams of sugar per litre.

Analytical data at disgorgement
Alcohol 12.5 % Vol.; pH 3.05; Total Acidity 6.23 grams/litre; Volatile Acidity 0.37 grams/litre.

Total Sulphur Dioxide less than 45 milligrams/litre (maximum legal limit: 185 milligrams/litre).

Additional product information

Alcoholic % 12.5
Year 2016
Volume 0,750 Litri
Classification FRANCIACORTA
Grapes Pinot Nero

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